Why we need Cobham Village Hall – now and for the future..

Cobham Village Hall is the only venue in Cobham that belongs to its people and being together in a community is what makes it special. A charitable trust, with no funding except what it receives in hire fees, this hall hosts over 80 different groups a year, providing space to exercise, learn, party, dance, act, raise money for charity and nurture the youngest and eldest of our community.

Why support your Village Hall?

Community space is taken for granted, but with pressure from commercial developers growing even greater, it is increasingly down to local organisations and residents to fight for, provide and support this space.

Commensurate with our tradition of ensuring our hall enables everyone in our community (from children to the elderly) has access to affordable facilities, our first aim is to provide a new Small Hall, designed to meet the needs of our many and varied users.

Our vision is to provide you all with updated, complimentary small and main hall facilities which will allow for maximum use of our total space. At the same time, we cannot ignore the now vital need to smarten communal facilities, from toilets to child-friendly areas. Easier access for disabled as well as general users is a must.

Once improved, our goal is that the appeal of Cobham Village Hall will be such that the demand for its use will ensure a stable future.

biffa-award-logo-250x92Cobham Village Hall is very pleased to have been given a grant which enabled us to remove and replace the old worn panels under the roof line of the building. The project was funded by Biffa Award, a multi-million pound environment fund managed by the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (RSWT)

The way forward..

To achieve our goal of creating a space of appeal to all in our community we need to raise £80,000. It is, therefore, only fitting that we are calling on all local individuals, businesses and community groups to lend their support.

How you can contribute to the next 100 years of Cobham Village Hall

Cobham Village Hall is a registered charity and in accordance with our brief that is must be used for the benefit of all those living in Cobham, we are proud that our charges are some of the most cost effective in Elmbridge.  We are fortunate that we are assisted in this by the favourable rental agreement we have in place with the Council, but for the hall to survive for future generations we need your support.

You can help us by donating in one of the following ways..

  • £10 Buy a brick and earn a sponsor’s key ring for you, a relative, or a friend.

  • £100 Buy a named brick to record your generosity for posterity within the foyer of the hall. You choose the name you wish to have engraved.

  • £1000 Sponsors a permanent record of your generosity in the foyer of the hall.  Higher donations will receive a permanent substantial recognition of your generosity.

To discuss any of these options, please contact Mary Taylor on 01372 841550 Email:

You can also make a donation via either of the websites shown here..