Cobham has had a village hall since the end of the 19th century when the generosity of local worthies first inspired its construction in Anyards Road..

history-01The hall was originally opened in 1887 by the local squire, Dominic Coomb, and from its outset Cobham Village Hall has been at the heart of our community.

The lobby to the Small Hall in the old building commemorated those who lost their lives in the Second World War, during which time the hall was adopted and used as a British Restaurant. By the 1960’s the hall became too dilapidated to continue its service, so the Cobham community, under the inspirational leadership of Jack Leatherdale, raised funds for refurbishment.

However, it was in 1987 following the fund- raising efforts of a special committee under the dynamic, Mrs Mary Merrifield that our current hall was finally built at Lushington Drive. Most fittingly it was opened by Dominic Coombe, grandson to the squire who had opened the original hall 100 years earlier.

Cobham Village Hall was perfect when it was built, but now in the 21st century we have to modernise it. With changing times, people’s needs change and, if we are to keep alive our tradition of “a hall for all” in Cobham, we must improve many of its aspects, from decor to sanitary facilities, so that Cobham Village Hall matches modern expectations and requirements.

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